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The Benefits of Having Good Posture

When you stand or sit with good posture, it keeps your body healthy and looking its best. Good Posture isn't just a nagging command from etiquette tyrants - there are real benefits to holding our bodies in proper alignment! Here's what they are:

  1. You Breath Better

Poor posture can make you short of breath and reduce the muscles that help inhalation. But standing up tall may actually improve your ability to breathe by 30%.

2. Self-Confidence

When you stand up tall and proud, the world notices. You look confident with self- esteem. Slouching or slumping communicates sadness, and can be perceived as low-self esteem.

3. Relief from Back Pain

When you stand in a “neutral” position with your pelvis, head and torso stacked on top of each other it is said that this creates ideal positioning for the spine. A forward head and tilted hips, puts stress onto the muscles. Our muscles are not designed to withstand this positioning for long periods of time. When you maintain good posture, the bones, joints and other connective tissue all cooperate leaving your back feeling less strained.

4. Enhanced Mood

When you feel down, stand up and pull your shoulders back. This simple action can help lift the mood of anyone who is feeling depressed! The posture that we adopt has an effect on our mental state – think about how someone looks when they're sad or stressed-looking; slouched over and their head hanging. On the contrast though, When we feel relaxed & happy, we find ourselves adopting more of an upright body language.

5. A Better Digestive System

When you maintain good posture, your internal organs will be less compressed. This means that the stomach, intestines, and liver are able to work freely without any obstruction from a slouched over spine. A slouched spine can lead directly into digestive distress including constipation or GERD.

6. You Look Thinner

Good posture not only makes you stand up tall and feel confident, but it can also make you look 10 pounds thinner. Having poor posture can cause the opposite effect- a pot belly as well as an overweight middle! having your spine in good alignment helps you distribute the weight more evenly ,causing you to look more slender.

7. Less Headaches

You should keep your head and shoulders straight to avoid tension that could lead you into a painful headache. A study shows people with poor posture often experience more frequent, longer-lasting headaches than those who maintain good postural habits.

8. More Functionality as You Age

If you stand with poor posture, it causes stress on your connective tissues – especially at your joints - that can make people feel achy and stiff as they age. Good postural control throughout life keeps your mobility into later years which also helps you look younger!

9. Higher Energy Levels

Slouching is exhausting. Your muscles have to work harder when they’re in an unnatural position, which makes them fatigue faster and use up energy diffusely rather than efficiently- with good posture you can avoid this!

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