about me

I aim to help others control their health as I have managed to do with this method.  I want others to feel empowered to do not only the things they need to do to stay independent and self reliant but also I want them to enjoy their lives.  Everyone deserves to feel good and move with confidence and stability.

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We will use human biomechanics training from Functional Patterns methods including MFR, breathwork, posture training, corrective exercises, integration techniques, dynamic movements and anything necessary to help you control your movements and decrease negative stress responses. 

Visits often last around 1-2 hours involving myofascial release, breathing, posture work, correctives, integration and dynamics.  We'll work together to get your body to make the connections to get you to your goals as efficiently as possible.

 You can expect to learn grounding techniques that stabilize the trunk to prepare for dynamic weighted training that, when performed properly, translates directly over to improved walking, running, throwing, athletics, and aesthetics.

Strengthening the whole body with tools like kettlebells, dumbells, slam balls, BOSU's, TRX, macebells, indian clubs, cables, sunlight, &  redlight therapy to give my clients the best workout & recovery routine for their goals.