When and if you decide to take the leap into the world of biomechanics training, it is recommended to commit fully to this training style.  Conflicting practices will not only hinder your progress in becoming more functional and living a pain free life but it could also leave you injured.

As the body battles going back and forth from an ideal three dimensional training style to a more linear approach that is irrelevant to the gait cycle (how we walk, throw, and run as humans) the body cannot keep up with the mixed signals being thrown at it. This results in problems as we consequently contradict the difficult movements practiced in our training programs.

Thank you in advance for your

cooperation and understanding.  

Training designed around the new science of fascial slings

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I have spent just over 10 years helping people get healthier and I aim to continue to help others control their health as I have managed to do with this groundbreaking method that produces the unmatched results seen across the planet.   Come see what it feels like to train with a certified Human Biomechanics Specialist.

Since 2010, from ages 16-97 I have been helping others from Boise, ID to San Diego and across the country empower themselves to do the things they need to do to stay independent and self reliant. I want my clients to enjoy their lives.  Everyone deserves to feel good and move well with confidence and stability. 

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