Functional Gear

Many joint problems can be exasperated by carrying your items in a standard backpack or shoulder purse/tote. 


I recommend trying a more functional approach by using sling totes & carriers like ours in and out of the grocery store, from the car to home, home to office; basically everywhere. 


Support Small Business

by purchasing one of our steps towards more functional, sustainable, and efficient living.

Lastly, it's a rough dysfunctional world out there, my fellow functional humans; every step counts.

Are you helping your slings

or hurting them? 




Training designed around the new science of fascial slings

about me

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 call or text anytime: 208-571-2256

I have spent just over 10 years helping people get healthier and I aim to continue to help others control their health as I have managed to do with this groundbreaking method that produces the unmatched results seen across the planet.   Come see what it feels like to train with a certified Human Biomechanics Specialist.

Since 2010, from ages 16-97 I have been helping others from Boise, ID to San Diego and across the country empower themselves to do the things they need to do to stay independent and self reliant. I want my clients to enjoy their lives.  Everyone deserves to feel good and move well with confidence and stability. 

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