Invest in Corporate Wellness Programs

to Reduce Health Insurance Premiums

 Improve Employee Wellness & Productivity by Reducing Negative Stress Responses

"As Generation Z enters the workforce and Millennials continue to advance in their careers, workers are seeking employers that encourage a healthy physical, emotional, social and financial lifestyle. For example, programs that help employees meet their short- and long-term financial goals and support a healthy, physically active lifestyle can help employees

be more productive and engaged at work.

48% of best performers offer holistic well-being programs..."

-Top Ways to Reduce Health Care Spending

Mountain Lake

I offer corporate wellness programs for improving workplace overall health and productivity.

Functional Interval Training



Indoor and Outdoor FITness at varying times:

  • before work conditioning classes or sessions

  • short burst, high-intensity low-impact lunch workout programs,

  • and after work sessions for small groups and individuals.  

This program is specifically for small & large business owners interested in investing in their employees' health and wellness programs to improve work place productivity in an innovative, effective, & preventative way.