about me

I aim to help others control their health as I have managed to do with this method.  I want others to feel empowered to do not only the things they need to do to stay independent and self reliant but also I want them to enjoy their lives.  Everyone deserves to feel good and move with confidence and stability.


        Human Biomechanics Trainer Coming soon to Boise, ID

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Hiring a trainer is one of the best things you can do for yourself.


With special attention to workouts that get you to your goals,  my programs focus on moving faster through space with better balance and more strength, which is no easy task.  If you commit to getting to your goals and are ready to make changes in your life, I can promise your joints and spine are safe from further compression or pain using biomechanics training.


This means we respect the way the human body has evolved, or is designed, to move.  Making our biological blueprint a priority when selecting your training program, I strongly believe that you will succeed on your path to your fitness goals with me at

Iron & Flow.