I am Nikita and I have always enjoyed sports and physical activities but was always limited due to injuries and pains I couldn't always explain.  I loved moving but found myself unable to move very well especially for longer durations or on a daily basis.  I thought this seemed unusual.  


After years of studying and experimenting with different methods and techniques, I finally came across Anatomy Trains which led me to Functional Patterns

and training in human biomechanics. 


I've never been this free of pain and limitations in my life. 


Hard work, consistency, and patience along with biomechanics training guide us towards your best self.

Training designed around the new science of fascial slings

about me

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I have spent just over 10 years helping people get healthier and I aim to continue to help others control their health as I have managed to do with this groundbreaking method that produces the unmatched results seen across the planet.   Come see what it feels like to train with a certified Human Biomechanics Specialist.

Since 2010, from ages 16-97 I have been helping others from Boise, ID to San Diego and across the country empower themselves to do the things they need to do to stay independent and self reliant. I want my clients to enjoy their lives.  Everyone deserves to feel good and move well with confidence and stability. 

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